Say it with a bike

We're astounded by how our customers use our bikes. We encourage you to use your imagination. And we'll help you make it.

Socrates® cargo bike

Riffing on the form of classic cycle truck, the Socrates cargo bike is built for hauling. Socrates has a frame mounted front carrier and a smaller 20" front wheel for carrying a load in a super-stable and an irresistibly eye-catching form. Feel free to call it so-crates. Feel free to call it what you like, but this fellow can haul.

And you certainly can’t miss him when he rides by. Why not say something as you whizzzz on by. Socrates is ripe and ready for branding with sign mounts inside the frame. Use one of our standard signs or make your own. Or get in touch for something a little more personal as personalization is the point. You can rock our standard tote and carrier, or ask us about our DIY front carrier. We don’t know what you’ll attach. We don’t know how you’ll use it. But that’s the point. It’s a rolling platform for your innovation.